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Our goal is to reveal the World's Best Hospitals - and it may be our most important ranking yet. As the events of 2020 made clear, our lives and those of our loved ones may rest on the kind of health care we have access to. The hospitals named in this list - which covers 25 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada - stand out for their consistent excellence, including distinguished physicians, top-notch nursing care and state-of-the-art technology. Of course we hope that we, and you, won't need to seek care or visit a friend or family member in any hospital this year. But if you do, this ranking of the World's Best Hospitals 2021 can help you feel confident as you make a critical choice about medical care.

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Best hospitals in the United States

The best hospitals in the United States, there is no doubt that America is one of the most distinguished countries in the medical field. Perhaps what qualifies it for that is the quality of service of the medical system in it, and this is what made America's hospitals appear in the global rankings of the best hospitals in the world. In America there is a group of distinguished hospitals of all kinds, some of which are educational, others are non-educational, and there are also private hospitals for profit, and there are also free hospitals that do not aim for profit. Hospitals in the United States are distinguished in many specialties, but cancer treatment and pediatric treatment are among the most specialties in which American hospitals provide excellent service. The hospitals on this list have been nationally recognized for their outstanding achievements in clinical care, patient outcomes, and staff and physician satisfaction. These institutions are industry leaders with advanced accreditation and certification in several specialties. The list also includes industry innovators who have started trends in healthcare technology, hospital management and patient satisfaction.

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What information do I need to bring with me to the Hospital?

Usually Patients should bring the following information when registering:

What should I bring with me when I am admitted to hosptal?

In order to participate fully in your therapies we encourage you to dress in comfortable, casual clothing. In addition, you should bring:

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